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Fundraising Efforts

Dan at NashvilleThe MSU AFS holds several fundraisers throughout the year to support its activities and its members. One of our primary expenditures is helping students attend professional meetings of the American Fisheries Society, including state Chapter meetings, Division meetings, and the national Annual meeting. In 2012, we established the Undergraduate Travel Award, a competitive award of $100-200 to help undergraduates of Mississippi State University attend meetings. As our extra funds grow each year, we hope to give out more than one award and to increase the size of the award.

SD MeetingSome of our fundraising efforts include an annual silent auction and raffle at the Mississippi Chapter AFS meeting, bake sales, and sales from apparel and other MSU AFS items. The Chapter meeting is often our biggest fundraiser, since donors can give promotional items from their company in support of the raffle and auction. This meeting is typically held in late January, so fundraising efforts run through the entire fall semester.

During 2011-2012, we held two fundraising bake sales, a Halloween-themed sale in the fall semester and a St. Patrick's Day-themed sale in the spring. These events were strongly supported by the College of Forest Resources' Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, and provided enough funding for us to start our annual Undergraduate Travel Award!

We also sell Subunit and general AFS apparel, including t-shirts, baseball caps, and polos, as well as promotional items like huggies and pint glasses. See our Facebook store here: or contact us to see what's in stock!

Item Description Member Price Non-member Price
Men's Polo 2011-2012 Men's Sport Polo $35.00 $40.00
Women's Polo 2011-2012 Women's Sport Polo $35.00 $40.00
Baseball cap 2010-2011 Alligator Gar Cap    
Huggies 2010-2011 Pomoxis annularis Huggies    
SD Blue T-shirt
SD Tan T-shirt
2012 SDAFS Meeting T-shirt $5.00 $8.00