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Caroline Andrews

Dan Goetz

Jared Porter

Heather Stewart

Dean's Council Representative:
Pat Kroboth

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Wes Neal

Activities Chair

Scientific Activities

Oktibbeha County Lake

Our subunit works with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks to manage Oktibbeha County Lake, which is just outside the city of Starkville. This includes annual sampling with fyke nets and electrofishing, sinking trees for structure, and building gravel beds. We've had great success in the past working with MDWFP! We're also working on developing a standard written protocol to ensure quality sampling year after year.

Standing Committee (email)

  • Jay Herrala, Chair
  • Reed Jordan, Co-chair

See photos from Oktibbeha County Lake sampling and habitat work!

Catfish Pond Seining

Every year we have the chance to drain and seine one of the MSU catfish ponds. This is great experience for folks who haven't had a chance to see why Mississippi is famous for catfish, and a great chance for getting muddy! The catfish have been filleted and donated in the past, but we are always looking for other opportunities to use them for the best purpose possible.

See photos from catfish seining!

This activity is organized by the Activities Chair.

Stream Clean Up

Every spring or so, our Subunit cleans up a local stream by picking up garbage from the water and the banks. In the past, we've filled up an entire truck bed or two with junk! This activity is a great way make a good impression on the public while doing something worthwhile, plus it's fun!

See photos from the Stream Clean Up!

This activity is organized by the Activities Chair.

Champions for Chadwick

This project was initiated just recently, to rehabilitate Lake Chadwick and make it a valuable campus resource. Past efforts have been hindered by a lack of law enforcement on the lake, so our first approach is to team up with MDWFP and with MSU to agree on the issue.

Ad-hoc Committee (email)

  • Rebecca Krogman
  • Nick Peterson
  • Thad Moody
  • Charles Parker
  • Justin Luke
  • Caroline Andrews
  • Huffman Peeler

Adopt a Boat Ramp

This is currently being organized in collaboration with MDWFP and the Wildlife Law Enforcement Club. More to come...

This activity is organized by the Activities Chair.

Meetings and Workshops

We do our best to provide funding and other support (e.g., vans to travel) for professional meetings and workshops.

Right now, we're working on obtaining ESPN monies from the university, which will be used to send members to meetings or to bring fisheries biologists here to run workshops.

Ad Hoc Committee (email)

  • Cliff Hutt, Dean's Council Representative
  • Nathan Kuntz
  • Dan Schwarz

See photos from past meetings!

Educational Activities

Aquatic Education and Outreach

This year (2011) the Subunit started working with Ms. Leslie Burger on developing new content for the annual Envirothon competition. This is a high-school level competition in which students are tested on a variety of topics, including fisheries and aquatic ecology. New questions are developed with the Subunit's help in the fall, and the competition is held in February.

  • Contact: Rebecca Krogman (email)

We are also pursuing participation in the alligator gar exhibit, soon to come to Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. The record alligator gar pulled up with a commercial gill net is currently being mounted. Our Subunit wants to sponsor the exhibit and potentially help provide educational information for the exhibit.

  • Contact: Nathan Kuntz (email)

Scouts Education Program

This is a new program the Subunit is developing to help Boy Scouts earn their Fishing badges or their Fish and Wildlife Management badges.

Ad-hoc Committee (email)

  • Chair: Rebecca Krogman
  • Jared Porter
  • Cory Shoemaker
  • Alyssa Davis
  • Ashton Johnston
  • Justin Luke

Science Club Fish Dissections

This is a new activity held at Ward Stewart Elementary School. Our Subunit members help teach this after-school activity, in which elementary students get to dissect a fish!

  • Contact: Cliff Hutt (email)

4-H Fishing

More to come!!

Social Activities

AFS is not only a society for professional development, but also for getting to know your colleagues and networking. Social activities are an essential (and fun) part of what the Subunit does. In the past, we have had fishing day trips, bowling nights, and parties to celebrate the end of each semester and to send off our graduating members. This year, we're planning a canoe and camping trip to Black Creek, a few hours south of MSU. Don't miss out!

These activities are organized by the Activities Chair.



Every year, our Subunit designs and sells MSU AFS apparel. In the past, we've made t-shirts, baseball caps, polos, and huggies (very popular). The apparel is always professional-looking and is perfect for working either in the field or in the office while representing MSU. We need a chair for this committee every year!

Committee (email)

  • Chair: Tyler Young

Continuing Education (ESPN) Funds

These funds are available to campus organizations from ESPN Thursday night football games. More info under Meetings and Workshops.