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"The mission of the American Fisheries Society is to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries and aquatic science and promoting the development of fisheries professionals."

What is AFS?

The American Fisheries Society (AFS) was founded in 1870, and is the oldest and largest professional society representing fisheries scientists. The AFS promotes scientific research and enlightened management of aquatic resources for optimum use and enjoyment by the public. It also encourages comprehensive education of fisheries scientists and continuing on-the-job training. The AFS is composed of student subunits, state chapters, and regional divisions, connecting all aspects of fisheries, from marine stock assessment to hatchery management, to academic research.

About the MSU Student Subunit

In May 1983, the MSU Fisheries Club was first recognized as an official student/faculty organization by the Student Faculty Organization Committee of MSU. The original goal of the Fisheries Club as stated in the original by-laws was to provide a vehicle for social and professional interaction among fisheries students and professionals at MSU and to promote communication and professionalism among fisheries students and faculty at MSU.

The Fisheries Club became interested in being affiliated with American Fisheries Society (AFS) due to its participation with the Mississippi Chapter - AFS since its beginnings. In cooperation between the Fisheries Club and the Mississippi Chapter –AFS, the Fisheries Club was accepted as an official student subunit, and the MSU Student Subunit was formed in February of 1999. The subunit has benefited from the efforts of past officers and advisors who donated countless of hours on behalf of the club. Our activities have involved guest speakers, educational workshops, involvement with the MS Chapter-AFS, and community service projects.

MSU AFS is part of the Mississippi Chapter in the Southern Division (SD), which spans from Texas to Florida, spanning from Washington, D.C., down to the Gulf. The SD comprises chapters in 16 states and one district. You can also join different Sections based on your interests.

Also, check out our bylaws!

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