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Welcome to the website of the Mississippi State University student subunit of the American Fisheries Society! Our goal is to improve the awareness of conservation and sustainability of aquatic resources by advancing fisheries and aquatic sciences and promoting the development of future and current fisheries professionals.  We are dedicated to providing fisheries students with opportunities that will enhance their knowledge of fisheries research and help them become better fisheries scientists.

Please follow the links to find more information about our subunit and activities. If you have any questions or comments please email the subunit at To keep up with the subunit's activites, simply subscribe to our mailing list!

News and Announcements

Lure you to the Lake

Posted 04/15/2013 12:56 PM

This past Saturday, April 13th, four subunit members participated in Lure you to the Lake, a MDWFP/Tupelo Parks event promoting fisheries and fishing to children and their parents. The subunit set up a table with paint and different rubber fish for kids to make their own fish prints to take home. The event was a huge success - over 300 kids showed up to fish and our table was constantly full of kids making their own master artwork from 9am-2pm. It was a beautiful day to help promote fisheries and our subunit.

Skinner award application

Posted 02/04/2013 01:41 PM

Grad students,

Abstracts for the national meeting in Little Rock are due March 15th.
Be sure to apply for the 2013 Skinner award for travel support!

John E. Skinner Memorial Fund Award
The John E. Skinner Memorial Fund was established in memory of John Skinner, former California-Nevada Chapter and Western Division AFS President.  The fund provides monetary travel awards (up to $800 per award) for deserving graduate students or exceptional undergraduate students to attend the AFS annual meeting.  The 2013 meeting will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas, September 8th-12th.
Any student who is active in fisheries or related aquatic disciplines is eligible to apply.  Awardees are chosen by a committee of the AFS Education Section.  Selection is based on academic qualifications, professional service, and reasons for attending the meeting.  In addition to travel assistance to attend the AFS annual meeting, award recipients will also receive a one-year paid membership to the American Fisheries Society.
Applications forms for 2013 for the student and advisor (separate forms) are available at

Completed applications (for both student and advisor) must be received no later than April 1, 2013.Contact: Dan J. Daugherty, Committee Chair Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center 5103 Junction Hwy.
Mountain Home, TX 78058
Phone: (830) 866-3356 x 211
Fax: (830) 866-3549

New cards

Posted 12/18/2012 08:06 AM

New fish print cards are in! $1/card. Available in the grad offices.

Holiday Party

Posted 12/07/2012 10:18 AM


Don't forget about our holiday party tonight at 7pm. Great time for fellowship and to take a break from all the studying! Email for more information.

Thanks all who donated to the CFR food drive. AFS was able to donate 45 units of food, which might put WFA in the lead for overall donations! You guys rock!

Also- don't forget to apply for the subunit's undergraduate travel award if you submitted an abstract to an upcoming meeting!

Good luck on finals everyone!


Chili and fish prints

Posted 12/02/2012 07:35 PM

Hey Subunit!

Mike, Heather, Derek, Edward and myself all got together this afternoon to make our first set of fish print notecards. These are blank inside and would be perfect for a handmade holiday card or birthday card or thank you notes! We only made 50 this time around, and we hope to make more soon. They are packaged in groups of 5 with 5 envelopes and will be available on a first come first serve basis for a $5 donation. There are a mix of bluegill, bass, pumpkinseed, and random fun no-specific-species prints. Derek even made us a set of Christmas themed cards!

The available bundles are below. If you have a specific idea in mind - we can make you a personal bundle next time around!

#1 - 2 pumpkinseed 2 abstractfish 1 abstract fishtail

#2- 2 largemouth bass 2 bluegill 1 abstract fishtail    unavailable!

#3 - 2 largemouth bass 2 bluegill 1 abstract flounderhead

#4 - 2 largemouth bass 2 bluegill 1 fishhead 

#5 - 5 abstract fish prints

#6 - 5 abstract fish prints

#7- 4 bluegill 1 abstract fishtail   

#8 - 5 christmas fish!

Mike, Edward, and Derek also helped assemble our chili for the WFA cookoff on Tuesday! We used MSU catfish and prawns for our AFS chili! Come out on Tuesday and try it in Tully for the WFA GSA lecture series.

Don't forget about our last meeting of the semester also this Tuesday, December 4th at 5pm in 118 TH. See you all there!

-Caroline Andrews
MSU AFS Student Subunit President

Lake Lowndes Sampling

Posted 11/30/2012 03:34 PM

On Friday, November 16th, 5 subunit members took to Lowndes Lake in Columbus, MS to assist MDWFP Fisheries Biologist (and former subunit member) Tyler Stubbs with sampling. Cynthia was able to capture some of the fun for us!

Routine monitoring allows biologists to stay on top of community changes in state lakes and adjust management needs accordingly. Looks like this lake has some nice bass!

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year!

Posted 09/07/2012 11:11 AM

I want to thank everyone for coming out to our first meeting this past Tuesday, September 4th. We had a great turnout with many new faces, and I hope everyone decides to join AFS! For those that were unable to make the meeting - feel free to send us an email ( and we will make sure you get on an email list. We will keep everyone update on events through emails and our google calendar. Meeting minutes are forthcoming on the listserve - but here is a summary of what we talked about at our first meeting (and it was a lot!):

1. We had 3 members attend the AFS National meeting in St. Paul this August. They all had a great time. Cliff Hutt updated us on increasing undergraduate meeting support. Don't forget the 2013 meeting is in Little Rock!
2. The 2011-2012 budget was fairly stable, our accounts are in good standing.
3. Tyler Stubbs, MSU alum, MDWFP fisheries biologist, informed us of potential sampling and habitat improvement activities in Columbus to replace Oktibbeha Lake work.
4. We will be keeping track of member involvement this year - earn participation points at all subunit events. These points will go to a most active member award at the end of the year, and will grant priority for financial support to meetings.
5. We opened nominations for activities chair and undergraduate rep. If you would like to take either of these positions - please email before the next meeting, October 2nd.
6. Dan Goetz, VP is organizing our fall boat repair workshop with Columbus Boat Gallery.
7. We will hold a fly tying workshop with Ray Iglay prior to our October meeting. If there is a lot of interest, we can use AFS made flies as a fundraising opportunity.
8. CATFISH SEINE. This is one of our most important fall events. We need as many volunteers as possible on September 14th to seine and clean all the fish. We will then use the fish for the WFA picnic on November 2nd - where we will need 3-5 people to help prepare the fried catfish.
9. Fishing tournament - We talked at the meeting about having it October 20th, but have since learned there is already a tournament that day. Fishing tournament has been postponed until spring.
10. Potential Halloween bakesale. Corrin Flora is our lead baker, more info at the October meeting.
11. Don't forget about our fundraising snack fridge in the grad offices if you need a soda or quick snack.
12. We are organizing a fall (day) trip to the Buttahatchie River Stabilization project in Lowndes county.
13.We will hold our first Aquatic paper discussion group and potluck on Saturday, September 29th at 6:00pm. Location and paper TBD.
14. Calling all artists - we are looking for a logo to put on travel mugs for our year apparel/swag purchase. We will vote on logo/mug designs at an upcoming meeting. Important!!! We need an estimate of how many people would be interested in purchasing a travel mug. We are going to keep the cost at $5!!!
15. If you are interested in writing articles for the student newspaper, or organizing a column in the Starkville daily, please email Additionally, if you want to help out with science club on Tuesdays from 3-5:30 email us or get with Jessica Tegt. There are 4 aquatic days that we can really help out with!
Sept 25 - Water resources
Oct 2- Water quality
Oct 30 - Ichthyology
Nov 6 - Marine ecology
16. STREAM CLEANUP. September 29th - TH 11am
17. We would like to establish an AFS/ CFR club tailgate. If you can help, or want to be a part of this in any way - please get in touch!


Don't forget to join our facebook!

 We are going to have a very busy year - but I hope it will be productive and provide many great opportunities to all our members!


2011-2012 Chadwick Lake Sampling

Posted 03/30/2012 07:39 AM

Canoe Trip, 2011-2012

Posted 03/25/2012 10:05 PM

Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012
Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012
Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012
Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012Canoe Trip 2012

Canoe Trip, 2011-2012, a set on Flickr.

Black Creek trip this spring! It was AWESOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the MS Chapter Winners!

Posted 02/08/2012 04:27 PM

The Mississippi Chapter Best Student Paper awards went to three State students!

  1. Rebecca Krogman - A classification system for large U.S. reservoirs and its relationship with the fishery and fish community
  2. Jonathan Fleming - Patterns of faunal diversity associated with altered macrophyte coverage
  3. Michael Sherman - Pond management approaches and effects on trophic-dynamics
 Learn more on the CCA website:


Posted 02/08/2012 04:22 PM

  • All the students who attended the Southern Division meeting and made it a huge success!
  • Levi Kazcka for getting engaged!
  • Rob DeVries for his baby boy on the way!
  • Mike Arnold for a successful defense!
  • Caroline Andrews for getting us discount pizza!

Catfish Pond Seine 2011

Posted 11/02/2011 12:53 PM

Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011
Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011
Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011
Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011Catfish Pond Seine 2011

Catfish Pond Seine 2011, a set on Flickr.

Photos from the annual pond seine are finally up!

Oktibbeha County Lake, 2011-2012

Posted 10/13/2011 02:11 AM


Check out our pics from this year's Oktibbeha County Lake sampling day!


Posted 09/19/2011 05:31 PM

To our students who accepted the Skinner Award at Seattle AFS!
  • Dan Dembkowski (Past-President)
  • Rebecca Krogman
  • Amy Spencer

Recent Photos!

Posted 09/13/2011 08:52 PM

Meeting tonight!!

Posted 09/13/2011 01:15 PM

Be there at 5:30pm in 118 Thompson!

First Meeting of Fall 2011! Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 5:30pm

Posted 09/02/2011 02:17 PM

The first meeting of the 2011 fall semester will be Tuesday, September 13, at 5:30pm. As always, same room, and we'll have pizza and drinks for members!

BRING YOUR DUES! $5 per semester or get the better deal $10 for the year plus Mississippi Chapter membership.

Congrats to the MS Chapter Meeting Award Winners!

Posted 01/30/2011 01:14 PM

  • Paul Picard: 2nd Place Best Student Paper at the Southeastern Natural Resources Graduate Student Symposium
  • Mike Arnold: 2nd Place Best Student Paper at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Chapter of AFS
  • Rebecca Krogman: 3rd Place Best Student Paper at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Chapter of AFS

2010 Seining Success!

Posted 10/31/2010 12:33 PM

Thanks a bunch to all those who helped out with the Oktibbeha County Lake sampling effort this year! Overall it was a very successfull day with trap netting, electrofishing, and low-frequency electrofishing completed. Check out the pictures here.

The catfish harvest is done!! Thanks to all those who helped out, this year was one of the most successfull harvests in all long time. For those of you who missed it check out the pictures. We have stored all fish fillets in freezers,if anyone is interested in purchasing fish for meals and to cater events please send us an email. Thanks!